Marketing Plan

We market and promote each and every course of all affiliated institutions on our own and in our own expenses besides officially and mutually agreed partnership marketing campaigns in all parts of Nepal. Besides on such occasions, the entire cost of the marketing and promotion is borne by the agent. We try our level best to promote and market all the programs of all affiliated institutions throughout Nepal and in neighboring countries as well.

Modes of Marketing

We use every modes of marketing like; print, electronic, internet, websites, hoarding boards, exhibitions, fairs, workshops, pamphlets, brochures and word of mouth etc. But print, electronic and seminars or dealing in person with the college representatives are the best and most effective marketing in our region.

Potential Market

Our potential market comes from Western and Eastern development regions of Nepal as we have branch offices in these areas to promote and market our programs. We have good image and relation with students and parents and we get many recommendations from old and current students and parents in these regions. But we get students from almost all parts of the country.

Best Time for Marketing

Though we get students throughout the year, August, September, October and November are the most suitable time of the year to conduct marketing trip to our country every year. It is because there will be many young and current high school graduates who are ready to apply for their further studies abroad.

Proposal for any Joint Marketing

At least twice or once in a year we have to go for a marketing campaign like seminars, workshops, education fairs during the peak or best time of the year or other time of the year to market and promote your programs here in Nepal through any modes of marketing.

Our Counseling Procedures

We have been in this abroad study counseling business quite for a long time and we apply all sorts of counseling procedures: one on one or face to face counseling with the help of our well trained and experienced counselors. Telephone counseling through or over the telephone for all prospective future students and parents. We also counsel students through online with the help of chat especially for city dwellers. We also counsel students and parents with the help of seminars, workshops, education expos and other means as well which are the most effective ones.