Career Counsel

BIA assist remaining synonymous with any force that looks at ‘accessing knowledge’ through diversity, optimizing study options to suit every student’s need and to choose right college/university and course to study in accurate country. Additionally we are seeking to appreciate student’s perception where they are willing to study. Consideration of their background we recommend them with proper guidance.

Range of Accurate College & University

After formal enrolment of student in BIA we help them in quality education. This is very concerned with the right selection of abroad educational institutions. Our main task is to right from identification of the suitable course as per your educational qualification, paying capacity, interest and aptitude.

BIA includes the guidance of students constantly on i.e, payment of modes, appropriate accommodation, fooding, weather condition with suitable attire selections.

General Assistance

BIA is certified by a range of reputed educational foundations across the world. We help our students to enroll in our certified institutions. Here is the first footstep on handing out of student movement.

Information on Admission

As we have got our certified institutions across the world with their own criterion for global students to be admitted in their institutions.

Some of them are meticulous about englist test (e.g. in Australia only IELTS is valid and in United states GRE/GMAT exam are mandate for graduate level).

Systematical Documents

Credentials are the most important part to acquire success for student immigration. Documentations should be done by delicately which we advise our students according to the necessities of the Immigration/Embassy.

Visa Preparation

We BIA put in order to our students stand for interviews in an embassy.

Travel Pacts

We also steer our students in travel planning. This is all includes the circumstances of our students, after the arrival on fresh place with their fresh environment of each possessions.